Contact me to discuss:

  • Grief Recovery programmes individually tailored for staff members who may be off work, or recently returned, following significant bereavements or other losses in their lives
  • Training programmes to enable staff to deal more effectively with service users and customers who are struggling to cope with the pain associated with loss and grief
  • Individually designed programmes to enable staff groups to deal with a sudden catastrophic loss such as the death of a close colleague.

“The session was open and honest but in a discreet way….it meant the staff could portray their true emotions without feeling singled out which I felt was really helpful to them all.”

“I personally felt I got more out of the session than I perhaps thought I would….I felt that I had dealt with the loss….but last night made me realise that I haven't quite got there yet. I know the other staff felt it was beneficial to know how others were feeling too and there was certainly an 'in this together' feel about the group.”

In the current Coronavirus situation, you may be facing particular challenges around loss and grief.I'm happy to help you with advice and talking with groups of staff or individuals - contact me to discuss how I can help.

Grief Recovery and Organisations

Sometimes employers may find themselves dealing with loss for their staff or clients/customers. It often happens in an unplanned way e.g. sudden death, suicide, accidents. There can be strong and non-typical emotions in a staff group as a reaction.

I have worked with organisations either with individuals or with a whole staff team. As a caring employer you want to look after your staffs’ needs and also help them with their work.

There may be situations in the lives of your employees such as divorce, loss of children, other bereavements and this might impact on their work. Sometimes people know that they are not functioning day to day and don’t know what to do.

Sometimes it may be your actions which have caused the challenge e.g. redundancies, changes in working patterns or moving employees around.

Each situation is unique so please call me to talk about what I can offer from a one off emergency session with staff to ongoing one to one work if wanted. There is a way forward and we can find it together.